Terriers Blog 13: Hail Mary

Below is part 13 of a series of blog posts that were written by Kelly Wheeler (writer and production assistant on ‘Terriers’) for the show. These were posted back in 2010 on the now defunct ‘Terriers’ site on FX. THURSDAY DECEMBER 2, 2010 Episode #112 – Hail Mary Directed by Ted Griffin Written by Nick Griffin & Ted Griffin Well, here we are[…]

Welcome to Beach Cop Detectives

So why Beach Cop Detectives? Six years ago, FX presented the world with a series set in Ocean Beach, California featuring a pair of wisecracking unlicensed private detectives. They named it ‘Terriers’ and promoted it with a dog, and the ratings were… unkind. While many people had no idea what the show was, I knew[…]