Terriers Blog 01: Preproduction Introduction

Below is the first of a series of blog posts that were written by Kelly Wheeler (writer and production assistant on ‘Terriers’) for the show. These were posted back in 2010 on the now defunct ‘Terriers’ site on FX.



Terriers! Blog!


Ok, so you’re probably thinking, this girl uses more exclamation points than an over-caffeinated cheerleader… lemme work on that. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

Terriers is a show about two likeable-but-non-licensed-private investigators, Hank Dolworth (Donal Logue) & Britt Pollock (Michael Raymond-James), who live and work in the off-beat town of Ocean Beach, California. A bohemian, surfer, hippie paradise – it’s a town that would rather not have a Starbucks, allows dogs in most restaurants, and not wearing a shirt… doesn’t seem to impede to your job opportunities. Our guys, in their ‘79 Ford Courier, fit right in.

And just in case it sounds like a total sausage fest, we have a few lovely women in our cast as well. For instance, Gretchen, Hank’s ex-wife (played by Kim Quinn) is a woman Hank is not particularly over; in fact, he goes to great lengths to keep her in his life. You know, like buying her house, that kind of thing. Britt, on the other hand, lives with his girlfriend, Katie (Laura Allen). And as a vet student, Katie seems uniquely qualified to look after our “Terriers.” Just in case our boys get into too much trouble, their lawyer, Maggie Lefferts (Jamie Denbo) is there to get ‘em outta whatever jam they find themselves in. And our guys get jammed plenty. But usually in a very likeable and relatable way. Tell your friends.

Oh… and I’m Kelly Wheeler, here to give you access to all the inside shenanigans from the set of “Terriers” (it’ll be like getting to sit in the courier with Hank & Britt… only, like, without having to ride around in a 30 year-old, non-air-conditioned-bumpy-truck. Yeah, you’re welcome.). Thanks to my unique status as Girl Friday to executive producers Shawn Ryan (“The Shield,” “The Unit,” “Lie to Me,” “Ride-along” – yeah, he’s done some stuff) & Ted Griffin (“Ocean’s Eleven” & “Up in the Air”) – I aim to bring you behind the scenes, with interviews, tours of the sets and all that good junk. I’ll do my very best to show you all the hard work that goes into making an episode and introduce you to the people who make it.

Excited yet? Me too! (damn it, more exclamation points… fail.)

I have attached my interview with Winston (played with Shakepearean accuracy by Buster) – it’s really insightful… and there’s a lot of barking. Also included is a photo of Buster bonding with his stand-in.



— wheeler

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