Terriers Blog 10: Pimp Daddy

Below is part 10 of a series of blog posts that were written by Kelly Wheeler (writer and production assistant on ‘Terriers’) for the show. These were posted back in 2010 on the now defunct ‘Terriers’ site on FX.



Episode #108 – Pimp Daddy
Directed by Adam Arkin
Written by Shawn Ryan & Kelly Wheeler

Yeah, so… guess who had the Uh.Maze.Ing. opportunity to write with Shawn Ryan on an actual episode? This girl. The aforementioned episode, titled “Pimp Daddy,” was an extravaganza of hookers, virgins and physical therapy (oh, my!). In this episode, Britt helps a kid after he is rolled by a hooker, while Hank uncovers a sordid detail from Jason’s past. Now, to be honest, this episode turned out to be a real challenge because Shawn was in Chicago for most of the story-breaking (thank god for text, email, skype and carrier pigeons) – so the script was a little… tardy. But director Adam Arkin was a good sport (attached is an interview I conned him into doing) – and in the end, I think it all turned out really well.

As you know, we try to showcase as much of Ocean Beach as we can, really highlight local joints, so in this episode I was stoked to include “Hodad’s” – which, if you haven’t been… get thee to a burger-y, ASAP. YUM! (So good, in fact, I had to have french fries and onion rings at 10am) – also the use of “Hodad’s” is a nice tie into the show’s title, “Pimp Daddy” (Ho. Dad’s. Pimp. Daddy… clever, right?).

We staged a couple of great scenes in our fake red light district (in fact, residents in the local area thought we were actually putting an adult bookstore in their neighborhood… that’s how realistic our set dressing was!) – and Mikey and “Mikaela” (played by the spectacular DJ “Shangela” Pierce) have great comedic chemistry! Not to mention, kudos to DJ for working the day in those hooker heels, straddling a motorcycle and the constant on/off with the motorcycle helmet – that’s no fun with a wig. (Also, attached is an interview with Kathryn Morrison, our Costume Designer, where she talks about the challenges faced when dressing hooker characters).

Although the script was totally collaborative, guess who the-powers-that-be let write the proposal scene? ME! (With a lead-up like that, real shocker, right?) And Adam and Curtis Wehr (our amazing DP) did it right… magic hour, little twinkling lights… but more important, Mikey sold it. Just makes me think how lucky his real life fiancée (sass-a-frass Julie) is… so cute!

Again, thanks to the cast & crew for giving me the time of my life… it was awesome! Really, don’t know what will ever top it!

— wheeler

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