Terriers Blog 11: Sins of the Past

Below is part 11 of a series of blog posts that were written by Kelly Wheeler (writer and production assistant on ‘Terriers’) for the show. These were posted back in 2010 on the now defunct ‘Terriers’ site on FX.



Episode #110 – Sins of the Past
Directed by Tucker Gates
Written by Tim Minear

Directed by Tucker Gates, this is one of those episodes that really packs a killer punch, there’s backstory, new story and an “I didn’t see that coming” story. Written by TV’s Tim Minear, this story weaves in and out of the present, giving us important glimpses into Hank’s dismissal from the force, how he and Britt met and his former partnership with Gustafson. Pay close attention to Donal’s performance as “drunk Hank” – not cliche. He didn’t play it all warbly or slurry, instead, he opted for letting it seep in at moments. Very subtle, but very real.

I got to sit down with Tim and ask him all about the episode — see the attached interview.

I could blather on, but he says stuff so much better… must be why he gets the big bucks and I get school credit.

(Small footnote: this was Craig Susser’s last episode, as a result, the ADs proudly announced,’That’s a Reynolds wrap” – yeah, I think they waited all season for that one.)

Blog’n from Building 80,

— wheeler

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